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can find Abbie." "Wait a moment," said Bearie. "It has just

zement found the object of their search securely lashed to a tree by a long strip of deerskin, blindfolded, and with a red handkerchief tied over her mouth. Hurriedly releasing her, they searched the neighborhood, but could find no trace of the perpetrator of the deed. She was suffering from hysteria,

d in vain, and suddenly the Chief said: "Where is Machecawa?"

and could hardly give an intelligible account of what had happened. "I saw my muff in the snow," she said, "and was stooping to pick it up when someone suddenly threw a cloth over my face and tied my hands. It was all done so suddenly and gently that I had not time to see who it was, and thought it

ficient light." Fully a dozen volunteers responded, and haste

was one of the boys who had done it in jest. The truth dawned upon me when I began to struggle to get free and found myself half-dragged, half-carried through the deep snow and tied to a tree. I was nearly insane with terror. If ever I prayed in my life I prayed then to be released." On their return

e?" asked Mr. Bancroft. They shook their heads and did not mo

home they were met by Mr. Wrenford, who asked if they had had an enjoyable time. Phil, in a very excited manner, gave an account of the attempted abduction of his sister, whereupon the tutor exclaimed: "Most mysterious! What treachery! What villainy! Evidently the infamous work of Indians. Where was

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